Anthropology is the study of humans, especially of their origin, their behaviour and their physical, social and cultural development. The Department of Anthropology aims to advance the knowledge of who we are, how we came to be that way, and where we may go in the future. The department supports five museum collections as a critical part of the scholarly experience.



  1. Prehistoric Dog Lived, Died Among Humans

    Article details burial remains of a dog that lived over 7,000 years ago in Siberia suggest the male Husky-like animal probably lived and died similar to how humans did at that time and place, eating the same food, sustaining work injuries, and getting a human-like burial.

  2. Prehistoric Dog Found with Mammoth Bone it its Mouth

    Does it prove they were man's best friend even then?

  3. University 101: From art to zoology: A guide to the U of A Museums

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